Rejuvenating Skin Studio is a warm and welcoming place for all skin enthusiasts looking to enhance their appearance or a tranquil space for those just looking to relax.  Walking into Rejuvenating Skin Studio you will be greeted by the sweet and gentle personality of Olivia. Through her teens and as a young adult Olivia dealt with acne and also went through the frustration of many failed attempts to clear this skin condition.  It was only natural for Olivia to join SWINA (Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics) and pursue her passion for skin and beauty to educate herself and obtain the necessary tools to be able to help others whom like herself dealt with continuous skin problems.  Olivia has a strong passion  for helping those in need and teaching them how they too can surpass all skin concerns with determination and great home care.  Regardless of necessity or you're just in need of relaxation Olivia is your go to gal.  With a wide range of services there's something on the menu for all.   


Our Mission Statement:

We thrive in providing the most relaxing experience while delivering the best personalized skin care treatment.